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February 24, 2019 Bathroom Tile

Simple and Minimalist Look White Bathroom Tiles

White tiles are suitable for the bathroom because they radiate purity and light, but even here the possibilities are endless. Therefore, we have made this small guide. It hopefully will give you inspiration for how you can decorate yourself with white bathroom tiles. The combination with the white wall tiles with shine and the white grout gives a simple, uniform and minimalist look.

A traditional and timeless solution where the tiles are laid in a simple pattern. Can seem a bit anonymous, but by mixing it with contemporary accessories such as mirrors, shelves, colored towels, plants and other decorations, it can “style” so that it gets the right balance of purity and calm, simple beauty. The combination of the white tiles and the dark gray sealant gives a more contrasting pattern. The result is a slightly uneasy, but also more pronounced and powerful expression.

The square tiles in the bandage form a dynamic pattern, which in turn gives a fine expression to a wall partially covered with tiles. The white wall tiles have a finishing black edge at the top. Which forms a nice and quiet distinctive frame on the tiles. A quiet, simple and minimalist solution, where the light gray sealant combine with the small, square tiles gives a simple and comfortable calm in the bathroom. Only broken by the black fixtures that create a contrast to all the white.

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